Where the fun is

Taking photos in SL is both easier and more difficult than real-life photography.

It's easier because I don't have to leave the comfort of my home.  I can manipulate the ambient lighting, the color of the sky, the time of day, the angle of the sun, the clarity of the water, the cloudiness, etc, all very easily without additional cost.  I can freeze the waves, the clouds, even the wind.  I don't have to coordinate schedules with a model.

It is more difficult because we are limited by what's available to us, like poses and facial expressions and avatar components.  It's not as easy to "strike a pose" as in the real world, especially if you have a specific pose in mind, because that animation has to be created.

The interesting thing about Second Life photography is that each photo is really the sum of the creativity of several people, not just the photographer.  Everything that is in the photo was consciously created by someone.  For example, the skin, the hair, the eyes, the jewelry, the shoes and the clothing are all created by other people.  Not to mention the engineers who programmed the software to render the avatar and the shadows and generally to "create" the space for this to be possible.

But the reason I focus on Second Life stereoscopy is because there are very few of us who do this.  Probably only four of us.  It's a wide open niche and there's so much that hasn't been tried yet.  It's the same with the stereo framing -- not many people do it.  So, there's lots of room for innovation.

And that's where the fun is.  :)